3 Ways to Cut Down on the Cost of Packing Materials for Your Business

It is no secret that shipping good can be the costliest aspect of owning a small business. When you constantly have merchandise coming and going from your store you may be looking for ways to cut down on the cost of packing materials. Since you can’t change the cost of shipping per weight, the least you can do is decrease the amount that your products do way upon sending. Before shipping a product at your local UPS franchise, here are three things you can do to cut down on the cost of packing materials.

  1. Have the right materials. The biggest mistake businesses make is thinking that they should just use one type of packing materials that they have less to purchase. Having the right size boxes to ship different types of products and using appropriate packing materials can make a huge difference in cost. For example, harder items that are not likely to break can suffice with newspaper packing to minimize movement. However, breakable items may require packing peanuts when shipping.
  2. Reuse materials. Any time you get a box delivered to your own business is not pertaining to save those packing materials. You may not necessarily want to save the box itself, but the internal bubblewrap, air mailers, or brown packing paper can easily be reused for different products that you may ship.
  3. Buy in bulk. For convenience, many businesses think to purchase their packing supplies individually per order at places like their local UPS franchise. You can actually cut the cost of your supplies by up to 70% by simply purchasing in bulk and purchasing online through packaging retailers such as Uline or PlasticContainerCity. Even though you might spend more up front, you will spend substantially less per product for shipping. These savings can add up over time to result in more money they can be invested back into your business.
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